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Possible Malware
or Spyware

How To Find Out If Someone Is Spying On Me With My Computer Or Cell Phone

Can I be spied on through my own equipment?

Signs of possible malware on your phone:

Be aware of cell-phones with a rapid draining battery; telephone rings and no one is there; possible surveillance vehicles down the street or in front of your home or work place; out of the ordinary ring tones and volume control.  Phone is acting like it wants to do anything except collaborate with the user.

Signs of a computer that may possibly have spyware or malware:

Pop-ups or activity on computer that can’t be explained; A slower than normal computer; Moving and disappearing documents; Some applications closing without the computer operator actually closing it.

Malware problems have grown immensely, it became a source for organized crime. Spyware is similar to malware and is put on the computer without the knowledge of the owner or user to collect private information from the computer.

Modern Spy Equipment & Computer Programs Have Frightening Abilities

What cyber-spies can do to your phone or PC

It can eavesdrop on conversations in the home through speaker phones;  webcams to watch your every move in the house from work; keystroke loggers to monitor everything typed in the computer; passwords and banking information;  copy contacts from phone and computer; stealing identities of accounts to communicate with the owners friends

A thorough Forensic Report – gives you the documentation and evidence you need to give to the police or present in a court of law.

Austin Investigations provides its clients with a thorough Forensic Report to present to police or courts for proof of suspicious or malicious activities occurred on the device or devices. The report includes detailed information.

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