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Cheating Spouse

I think my wife is cheating Or I think my husband is cheating

What are the signs of a cheating spouse?

Private Investigators are trained professionals at seeing all the signs of a cheating spouse or partner.  Many times the signs are right in front of the partner who is being cheated on, but they do not see it because they are not looking for the signs because they trust their partner.

Is your partner or spouse on their computer or cell phones constantly in the social media?  Do you ever wonder what they are talking about?  Did you know that once that information is in their computer or cell phone that there is a good chance it always remains there?  You’re in Luck!  We have COMPUTER and CELL PHONE DIGITAL FORENSICS.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to read that text message or email that comes across or even see what is going on in their messaging for social media?   Chat with our partners in our Digital Forensics Department and check with us what can be done in your situation.  We have a CHAT AREA in our website for you to get the scoop on your electronics.

Here are some other signs of a CHEATER:

  • Does she have men’s cologne on? Does he smell like women’s perfume?
  • Is he or she acting distant to your attention you give?
  • Was he or she more attentive in the home before?
  • Are you getting the cold shoulder?
  • Has he or she recently lost weight and feeling good about themselves?
  • Does he or she hang at the gym more than in the home? Sometimes their gym trainer flirts to keep their clients but the clients fall for them.  Or it’s someone they met at the gym.
  • Are they buying a totally different style of clothing?
  • Does he or she have a hidden toiletry bag in their car? This could be for cleaning up after an affair.
  • Are you finding her wearing more sexy panties more than usual? Or is their hidden lingerie in his car from a friend?
  • How friendly is your spouse with your best friend? Has their friendship changed to be closer?
  • Is he or she coming home from work later than usual? Do you smell alcohol on their breath?
  • Are their signs of semen on their panties or boxers? Our investigators can have this investigated through our forensics lab.
  • Are their hidden profiles online that your spouse is chatting with other people?
  • Are their signs of bi-sexual-ism? Maybe having a same sex affair?
  • Does he or she get regular massages and claim it is for tension?
  • Is he or she very controlling but accusing you of being the one controlling?
  • Has he or she accused you of cheating, many cases when they accuse their spouse of something it is their own guilt of doing it themselves. Unless of course you have given them real reasons to believe this.
  • Does he or she express, my way or the highway?
  • Is he or she all of a sudden having to work out of town more and more?
  • Is he or she asking you to give them more space?

These are just examples of things that could be happening, unfortunately the list can get worse than this.  Sometimes cheaters get to involved in their new partners they are cheating with and leave their cozy family they think it is greener on the other side.  Be careful!  Many families have come back together and seeked counseling and learned to forgive.

We are here to help you find the facts!  Whether you plan to seek help and forgiveness or you plan to move on with a different life and seek divorce.  It is a much healthier relationship for both of you or even with just yourself to not have an affair being a part of your life ripping everything away you worked hard for.

Call us and talk to an investigator, a professional who has helped many families get the truth and the facts.  Everything is done with discretion and confidentiality.  We offer a free consultation.

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