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Los Angeles Employment background and Personal background checks

Business owners, corporations, partners, etc… Are you possibly considering hiring someone in your company or maybe even partnering up with a person in business?  It is strongly suggested that before you hire any individual to do a BACKGROUND CHECK on them to see if they are someone you would want working in your company.

Or people who are planning to date other people, you might want to have that person checked out before you become too emotionally involved with the person.  You don’t want to end up with someone who becomes a nightmare in your life and still be emotionally stuck to them.  This creates a disaster!  We recommend that you allow us to check them out for you.  Even though there is never a guarantee who they become.

Austin Investigations BACKGROUND CHECKS, your individuals in many different ways, it depends on how much of an extensive background you want to have on them. Here are some things that we, a Private investigation agency in Los Angeles, check for our clients as requested:

  • Verify if the person is who they say they are, their Name, Address, Social Security, and Date of Birth
  • County Criminal Records Check (Felony & Misdemeanor)
  • Federal Criminal Records Check
  • Arrange for electronic FBI Finger print if needed
  • Nationwide & Statewide Criminal Records Check
  • Wants and Warrants
  • Sex Offender Registry Check
  • Global Homeland Security Search
  • Education Verification
  • Employment History Check
  • License Verification – State and Federal
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Professional Reference Checks
  • Credit Check (Special Credit Report for Employers)
  • We can set your company up with Employment Drug Screening

Every company has their own requirements of how deep and extreme they want their BACKGROUND CHECKS.  This is why we mold the BACKGROUND CHECKS to each company individually.  Make an arrangement with our company to  incorporate with your Human Resource Director your company needs.

Or as an individual we can check out you person in many other ways as well.

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I was extremely pleased with the child custody investigation services provided by Austin Investigations. Their team was highly skilled and knowledgeable, and they were able to uncover important information that I would have never been able to find on my own. Their services gave me peace of mind during a very stressful time, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

I highly recommend Austin Investigations for their excellent child custody investigation services. They were very responsive and understanding of my situation, and their team was able to gather the necessary evidence to support my case. Their professionalism and expertise were impressive, and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

I had a fantastic experience working with Austin Investigations. Their team was professional, discreet, and went above and beyond to gather the evidence I needed for my case. They were responsive to my needs and kept me informed throughout the entire investigation. I highly recommend their services.

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